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Lossnay Heat Recovery Units

A Heat Recovery unit recycles the air temperature normally extracted out to atmosphere and mixes the temperature with the supply air going into the room. A Heat Recovery unit drastically reduces cold fresh air supply coming in during cold winter months and warm air coming in during the summer months by up 75% but still supplying 100% fresh air and providing the adequate air changes required in an office environment which drastically reduces drowsiness. Facts show that healthier people produce more work and are happier in their working environment.

Heat Recovery units can be installed in conjunction with their corresponding manufacturers brand air-conditioning units controller. While the air-conditioning controls the temperature, the Heat-Recovery unit provides the fresh air.

Most products are compatible with time clocks, central controller & BMS controls if required for further energy savings or fault reporting controls and alerts




Operation in winter
0ºC fresh cool air in (outdoor air) mixes with 20ºC stale warm air (indoor air)
After it mixes in the heat exchanger filter
16ºC fresh warm air (indoor supply air) dumps 4ºC stale warm air out (extract / exhaust)

Operation in summer
27ºC fresh warm air in (outdoor air) mixes with 21ºC stale cool air (indoor Air)
After it mixes in the heat exchanger filter

22.4ºC fresh cool air in (indoor supply air) dumps 25.6ºC stale air out (extract / exhaust)

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