Simac has been carrying out maintenance & servicing in the commercial, industrial and domestic space for over 25 years.

If your enviroment is in regular use we can carry out the maintenance work early in the morning and continue on through the day. Alternatively we can carry out the maintenance over weekends if required. We can make recommendations to improve performance if applicable, whether it be controls to reduce running times or to determine the optimal maintenance routines

 The 4 Primary Reasons for Carrying Out Maintenance

Energy Efficiency

The filters in the systems build up dust. When this builds up it blocks the normal free flow of air through the fan motor. This can cause overheating and puts strain on the motor and other related components. This makes the unit work harder which increases energy usage to achieve the required room temperature.

F-Gas Checking & Certification

Annual checks of the refrigerant circuits are required with F-Gas & the EPA to carry out the certification. This is when we check your equipment for any possible refrigerant leak testing. This covers you or your company legally and is governed by the EPA for containing ozone depleting gases.

Longer Life 

Regular / Annual maintenance will enhance the longevity of your air-conditioning systems. Reducing overall cost of ownership of your equipment.

Healthier Air

Air-conditioning units trap the dust generated by every day use. This needs to be cleaned during our maintenance  we spray the coil and filters with anti bacterial solution.

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