R22 Phase out, R410A / R32 Upgrades & F-Gas Certification

The Kyoto treaty, which Ireland signed up to, was a step towards preventing harmful refrigerant like R22 entering earth’s atmosphere contributing to the depletion of the Ozone layer. Ireland is currently phasing out R22 on its existing air-conditioning refrigeration equipment. This means that no R22 refrigerant air-conditioning systems since 2015 can be worked on after this date if its refrigerant parts like its compressor fail and the R22 refrigerant has to be reclaimed and certifiably transported and incinerated and these works can only be carried out by an EPA, PAN & full F-Gas qualified technician which all of Simac’s refrigeration / air-conditioning technicians are.

The existing system’s R22 refrigerant can either be replaced using a drop in gas similar to the characteristics of R22 and this is only applicable if there is a leak and the drop in refrigerant does not offer the same capacity or efficiency. The R22 systems typically requires modifications or replacement parts to the current system which enables the repair / replacement economically unviable. Therefore a replacement of a new much more energy efficient inverter type air-conditioning system is more sought after using the same refrigerant pipe work and with a warranty.

R22 Replacement Technology
The good news now is that the air-conditioning manufactures are giving the same warranty period when using the existing R22 refrigeration pipe work provided the pipe work is cleaned out using oxygen free nitrogen and a chemical cleanser. This means that you may only need to replace your indoor and outdoor units and not have to replace the inter-connecting services.


We recycle the existing units after removing the refrigerant oil and Gas in local metal recycling companies. All our metal & plastic recycling is weighed and a receipt issued as proof of responsible disposal

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